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Save Energy

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is committed to creating a greener, richer environment for the world. We support sustainability, efficiency, and preservation, with a program that encompasses numerous initiatives to recycle, improve energy efficiency, and reduce waste. If you are looking to make your home greener, look no further than Sunburst Shutters’ vision.

We call it GreenView, for a vision of the world that looks to the future in sustainability.

Recycled Packaging & Waste Reduction

To do our part in keeping the environment healthy, Sunburst Shutters recycles hundreds of tons of materials every year. A greener view. A more sustainable future.

Takeback Program

Sunburst Shutters offers a takeback program in order to keep our trademark Polywood shutters out of landfill. When you want your shutters removed, simply call one our representatives and we will arrange a pickup. Old Polywood shutters will be taken back to our facilities and used as materials to create uniquely new products.

Unsurpassed Durability

The longer your window treatments last, the less frequently you need to change them. At Sunburst, our trademark Polywood shutters are uniquely constructed, containing the full breadth of protection from damage. With its baked in UV inhibitors in the material and paint, it is highly resistant to solar damage. Additionally, these shutters are water-proof, flame retardant, and termite proof. The result is a shutter that outlasts even your home itself.

Sunburst’s Energy Savings

Our trademark Polywood Shutter Insulating system has been proven to have the highest R-value, thermal protection, reduction of heat transfer, and energy efficiency on the market. As much as 30 degrees of temperature coming in through the window is blocked by our Polywood shutters, making them the most energy efficient shutter on the market, ready for installation in your home.

Polywood Shutter Insulating System

In your home, windows are the greatest sources of heat gain and heat loss. With our Polywood Shutter Insulating System, we aim to rectify that so that your house is more efficient than ever before.

Non-Toxic Paint Finish

Our patented paint finishes are environmentally safe and below the normal volatile organic compound (VOD) emissions. Our manufacturing process contains no fumes from paints or other processes emitted into the environment.

No Outgassing

Our Polywood Shutter Insulating System, Ovation & Traditions Wood Shutters, Monte Bello Shutters, and our full line of blinds and shades contain absolutely no harmful gasses, ensuring a safe and toxic-free environment.

SAVE ENERGY. Energy Efficiency. Aesthetics. Durability. That’s the Sunburst difference.

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