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Polywood & Composite Shutters

Custom composite & polywood shutters

The trademark Polywood Shutters from Sunburst Shutters, are specially crafted for maximum durability, energy efficiency and universal, timeless stylishness. The top-quality Polywood material is unsurpassed in its benefits and special qualities that leave homeowners happy for a lifetime post-installation.

  • “Brian was really helpful in coming up with a creative closet design. The blinds he recommended for the living room look fantastic!” – Sharon S.
  • “Excellent customer service from Brian Cady, and very professional installation. The result is beautiful, and is a dramatic focal point for the room.” – Anita C.
  • “I was very impressed with both the service and the product with regards to my new closets. Brian was very professional and offered great functional ideas in designing the closets.” – Tracey J.
  • “Brian and Keith were very reliable, knowledgeable and had great communication. Would highly recommend this company, you will get great value for your money!” – Shiz W.
  • “They have great service and were very knowledgeable and friendly to work with. They also got the job done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend sunburst.” – Stephanie W.

designed by Vancouver’s top shutter experts

Polywood shutters put buyers in full control of light, shade, privacy, noise and temperature. In addition to their timelessly fashionable appearance, shutters maximize functionality in any room. Bright living rooms will flood with sunlight when the shutters open, while the shutters light-blocking capacity helps darken a bedroom when it’s time to sleep. With a variety of settings to choose from, homeowners can also choose which degree of privacy and noise-blocking they want, when they want. Another major benefit of the Polywood Shutter is its powerful insulating system. Compared to traditional wood shutters, Polywood insulates up to 70% more efficiently.

In addition to convenient customizability, buyers will not find a more durable window treatment on the market. Polywood’s unique construction method ensures zero chipping or splitting as well as moisture and fire resistance. On top of this, Polywood is UL tested and UV stabilized to prevent discoloration from weather damage, making the beautiful aesthetic sustainable for decades. Thanks to this guaranteed durability, Polywood shutters can be installed in areas where regular shutters would be at risk of damage–including coastal and humid climates, in bathroom windows, above kitchen sinks and in homes with energetic pets and children. With a 100% Lifetime Warranty, homeowners can rest assured that their Polywood investment will pay off.

Why Sunburst Shutters?

In addition to the trademark Polywood shutters, Sunburst also offers Polyvinyl or Composite Shutters to match any budget or aesthetic. All shutters are available in a timeless white as well as a variety of wood tones. The ever-popular dark walnut color completes a sleek and stunning aesthetic. Shutters also come in three different louver size options: 4.5 inches for maximum view and minimum cleaning, 3.5 inches traditional plantation size and 2.5 inches California style.

In addition to excellent quality, Sunburst holds itself to the highest standard of service, a commitment that is reflected in client’s glowing reviews. From the first consultation to the thoughtful and efficient installation, the expertise and enthusiasm of Sunburst staff will put any home-owner at ease. Timely, professional and detail-oriented services sets Sunburst apart from the crowd and makes the decision to install Sunburst shutters a no-brainer.

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