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Roller shades & Panel Tracks


With a large selection of colors and fabrics, diverse light-filtering options and flexibility in light control, our custom roller shades and panel tracks will make your home feel even more like yours. Find out what custom roller shades and custom panel tracks can do for your windows.

  • “Brian was really helpful in coming up with a creative closet design. The blinds he recommended for the living room look fantastic!” – Sharon S.
  • “Excellent customer service from Brian Cady, and very professional installation. The result is beautiful, and is a dramatic focal point for the room.” – Anita C.
  • “I was very impressed with both the service and the product with regards to my new closets. Brian was very professional and offered great functional ideas in designing the closets.” – Tracey J.
  • “Brian and Keith were very reliable, knowledgeable and had great communication. Would highly recommend this company, you will get great value for your money!” – Shiz W.
  • “They have great service and were very knowledgeable and friendly to work with. They also got the job done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend sunburst.” – Stephanie W.

designed by Vancouver’s top SHADE experts

When you shop with Sunburst Shutters, you get more than just roller shades and panel tracks. You get endless window treatment options. Anything from fun, unique designs to the basics and classics, it can be made just for you. Whether you need long and lavish curtains or some short and simple shades for your room, it will be created with high-quality materials and you in mind. With these durable and stylish materials, you can trust that your new windows treatments will be around for you to enjoy for years to come.

Sunburst Shutters’s selection also includes curtains that let you determine just how much light you want into your space. If you’re someone who needs sunlight to thrive or you work nights and need all the darkness you can get, we’ve got you covered.

Liven up your Living Space, with custom designed roller shades and panel tracks that are able to be tailored to your every wish with a huge selection of fabrics, colors, and designs, you’ll have the freshest space around. Fabrics and weaves with a variety of opacities and textures offer a wide range of light-filtering options to suit any room.

Customization By The Numbers

  • 100+ styles to choose from
  • 1% to 14% percent of openness factors that provide optimal UV protection
  • 240+  decorative fabric options
  • Cordless, with cord or motorized

Incorporating custom-made designs in your home can really elevate the room and offer a sense of your own individuality that you just can’t get when buying pre-made styles. With the roller shades, they are the perfect addition for a space where it is inconvenient to have shade strings or they can just be the minimalist style to go along with a simple space. They can also be incorporated with smart devices in your home, so you can be the most stylish and the most tech savvy.

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