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Spring is finally here, and the excitement of new beginnings is everywhere. Spring cleaning has always been a special part of this season, allowing us to reorganize the way we live in our daily lives, and smooth out anything that isn’t working. One place in the home that often gets overwhelmingly cluttered during the winter months is our closet. After piling in the coats, presents, and crazy amount of layers needed to stay warm, it’s clear that a closet intervention is needed by the time spring arrives before it gets out of control. Whether you just have a little bit of a mess, or if you can barely keep your closet door closed, here are six ways to help you get your closet in tip-top shape.

1. Look at what you currently have in there.
The only way to get a true, honest look at what you have in your closet is to empty its entire contents out. This may initially seem overwhelming, but simply trudge on and make separate piles of the big massive pile you start out with. Make a pile for must keeps, donating, and throwing away. I heard a brilliant piece of advice that said to look at each article of clothing, and ask yourself if you were at the mall right now, would you buy this? If not, then it’s not likely going to be used that much.

2. Invest in closet organizers.
After you have pared down your clothes to the absolute necessities, it’s time to figure out where to put it all. One of the best ways to get your closet organized is by investing in a closet organizer.

3. Put like items together.
After installing the closet organizer, begin to make specified areas that hold part of your outfits, Dedicate an area to undergarments, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Then organize each individual area by colors, length, styles. This will seriously speed up your morning outfit finding routine.

4. Add light
Depending on where your closet is situated, it may lack light needed to quickly find objects. New homes sometimes have a small overhead light that helps a little, but older homes hardly ever have this feature. Stick-on or screw-in battery-operated LED lights placed on each shelf will help achieve high glamor and efficient appearance, without the high cost.

5. Invest in good quality matching hangers.
Although this is often overlooked in closet organization, hanger uniformity is actually quite helpful because it keeps all your clothes at the same level, while avoiding the wildly cluttered look that many closets sport when using different kinds of hangers. Bad quality hangers will also damage your clothes. Good quality hangers can be made of plastic, metal or wood, each allowing for a different price tag. Whichever you go with, make sure they’re durable enough to stand the weight and type of clothes you will be laying on them.

6. Use the top shelves.
One of the spaces that often gets overlooked in closet organizing is the top shelf. This can be an effective place for more storage, or it can be a great place to display your collection of purses. However, you may find that even after you have organized your closet to the very last detail, the highest top shelf is still evasive to your daily routine (for those of us that are vertically challenged). To maximize your ability to move in the closet, you may consider using a stool, or even a rolling ladder. This will make all the difference when it comes to accessing those otherwise out-of-reach spaces.

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